With Assets Topping $31 Million, Products in Costco, Walmart and Aldi, Now is the Time to Focus on

RFBC Chairman:

"RFBC has a target of increasing growth for 2018"


Reporting $31 Million in Assets and over $5.2 Million in Revenues for 2017

Products in:

Costco, Walmart, Aldi, Metro, Sobey's and many more

The one asset that is always in demand is food. We may have periods of resession and surplus, but Food remains on high demand.

With two unique divisions, RFBC has positioned its self to be a leader in this sector

You may have seen their products in stores and not even realize that you could also profit from the companies sales.

They look delicious......

RFBC Fundamentals are impressive



While most companies talk about what they "will' do, RFBC is doing it and giving YOU an inside look at their operations

According to USDA ERS: Potatoes and tomatoes are the most commonly consumed vegetables

RFBC Products long term demand should remain high based on consumers diets.

RFBC’s aggressive merger and acquisition strategy is instrumental in their growth as pointed out by Morrie Fogelbaum, Chairman of Romana:

“Our objective of becoming the new Italian food leader is becoming a reality thanks to our Mergers and Acquisitions strategy bringing one acquisition and integration at a time. This brings us a step closer to our target of achieving $100 million in Revenue for 2018“.

RFBC kicked off 2018 adding $19Million to their books

Romana Food Brands Corp.(Romana) Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Michelis Egidio SNC di Michelis C.M.M. (Michelis) – A Globally Expanding, Premium Authentic Italian Cuisine Producer

With A Distinctive “Made in Italy” Savory Signature, Michelis Brings Romana Quality, Authenticity, and Annual Revenues in the Range of 19 Million Dollars

OAKVILLE, ONJan. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – Romana Food Brands Corp. (OTC Markets: RFBC) announced today the signing of a binding letter of intent to acquire the northern Italian based specialty artisanal producer Michelis Egidio SNC di Michelis C.M.M. (“Michelis”). This strategic acquisition will add $19 million USD in Annual Revenue to the corporation.

Romana will acquire 100% of Michelis, which was founded in 1919 and specializes in the production of fresh, dried and frozen pasta, baked goods and a line of desserts. According to the letter of intent, the company will proceed with a formal due-diligence, and expects to sign a definitive agreement within the next month and close the acquisition on or before April 30, 2018.

Michelis supplies numerous restaurants and vendors, including the distinguished global Eataly Italian marketplace; an establishment comprised of a variety of restaurants, bakeries, retail merchandise vendors and cooking schools. Eataly delivers to the most discerning palates for fine Italian cuisine from New York to Tokyo, and will soon be opening in Toronto.

“The integration of Michelis branded products within our distribution channels makes this a perfect match” said Morrie Fogelbaum, Chairman of Romana. “Our objective of becoming the new Italian food leader is becoming a reality thanks to our Mergers and Acquisitions strategy bringing one acquisition and integration at a time. This brings us a step closer to our target of achieving $100 million in Revenue for 2018″.

The company is developing new technology to create the next generation of food traceability and control to be equipped for the ever-growing risks associated with health matters and the protection of brand trademarks. This technology is being created in partnership with leading experts and will yield significant returns to shareholders of Romana Food Brands Corp.

RFBC operates two facilities in Canada, with impressive numbers:

The Pasta Romana plant has had three successive expansions, transforming their plant from 3,000 to 40,000 sq.ft with the opportunity for future on site expansions. The potential output for this plant is 8,000 lbs pasta per hour and 3,000 litres of saucer per hour.

The Pizza Romana plant is a newly renovated 60,000 sq.ft facility with the opportunity for future on site expansions. The potential output for this plant is 5,000 pcs/hr for thin crust pizza and 5,000 pcs/hr for rising crust pizza.

RFBC could be the most complete play we’ve seen in a very long time; when you see the key points all in one place it’s jaw-dropping… how they’ve slid under the radar until now is almost inconceivable:

  • Adding $19 Million in Revenue after acquisitions!
  • Reporting over $31 Million in Assets
  • Reporting over $5.2 Million in Revenue for 2017
  • Has 2 massive facilities of 40K and 60K sq. ft.
  • Products are already in Costco & Walmart

In summary, RFBC has the distribution, revenues and business model to rival some of its competitors, presenting us with a potential long term and short term winner.


Continue your research on RFBC and make sure to stay up to date.



We have received twelve thsnd dlrs via a bank wire  for the awareness of FRBC

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